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High Speed Internet Packages

Bicester Innovation Centre provides high speed internet packages tailored to each customer based on their requirements in speed and cost. This ensures that each company recieves the best service for the minimum cost.

As the only fully serviced offices in town, Bicester Innovation Centre provides premium facilities with none of the hassle, allowing you to focus on your business. This includes high-speed internet. You won’t be burdened with arranging a service for yourself. As high speed internet in Bicester is a frustrating thing to organise, why not avoid the strain and take an office that allows you to utilise a premium, high-speed service, provided within our centre.

The centre can offer dedicated leased lines, so if a reliable fast internet connection is critical to your business, you can purchase a package that guarantees you a set speed, at all times of the day. Alternatively, save on cost by taking a shared leased line and you will still receive a fast service as you will only be sharing with other centre customers, not the rest of Bicester.

Internet made easy

For many, the complex details of internet aren’t important. Customers just want to know the speed and the cost, making sure they are getting the quickest service for the best price.

However, there are a few details that you need to know, so that you can be secure in the fact that the internet provision within the centre is a premium service, and that you won’t find better elsewhere.

All of our internet packages are leased lines, rather than FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), meaning that you share the connection with no one outside the centre, and if you wish you can share it with no-one at all! The benefits of a leased line are improved speed, reliability, security and bandwidth. You wouldn’t want anything else.

Guaranteed speed

When detailing their speed of internet, many providers use terms such as ‘Up to’ in their description. This is simply because the provider cannot guarantee a speed, as the connection is shared with a number of other users. The actual speed provided is often well below the advertised speed.

Have you ever been on to your internet at home and noticed that, suddenly, it is painfully slow? This is because it is peak time, and you are sharing your connection with a number of other users.

Bicester Innovation Centre is supplied by a 100MegaByte per second dedicated line, meaning that this speed is guaranteed, throughout all parts of the day. You never need to worry about your internet dropping out again!

Dedicated vs Shared line

From the 100MBps speed capacity to the centre, each customer is offered either a dedicated or shared line.

If internet is particularly important to your business, for £40 per MBps per month you can have your own dedicated line. A dedicated line provides a private fixed bandwidth point-to-point data connection. Select the speed of internet you require and receive this speed at all times. You are directly connected to the internet provider through your own dedicated line, guaranteeing your speed. No sharing!

If internet is less crucial to your business you can opt for a shared line. Although you are sharing, it is only with other users of the centre. You will still receive a premium high-speed service but there are no speed guarantees in place. However, this is the cheaper option, at only £45 per month.