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MuscleGenes makes moves as FitnessGenes is born!


Bicester Innovation customers, MuclesGenes, have advanced at the speed of light since their creation just two years ago in 2013, and this is truer now than ever as they make the transition into FitnessGenes.  FitnessGenes is the result of hard work and dedication of their growing team of scientists, nutritionists, sports and fitness specialists and everyone behind the scenes that keep the cogs turning...and ever evolving! 

The team have been working with academic institutes such as Birmingham University and the country's leading sports University, Loughborough, with whom their extensive research discovers new links between genetics and body weight.  With a recent government grant being awarded to the company they are able to challenge their own recommendations, and their research abilities are reaching new highs...with truly exciting results!

To find out more about the development and aspirations of FitnessGenes check out these messages from Dr.Sam Decombel