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Keeping in the loop - Handy hints for marketing your business

Handy Hint no1

Planning is key and when it comes to marketing your product or services there are a lot of strategies to take into account, from your website and social media, to leaflets or service directories. Digital marketing should be a central component in your marketing strategies, with your website at the forefront. This should be appealing in design, easy to navigate, mobile optimized and relevant, with regular updates to keep it current for your customers. Don’t know where to begin? Why not ask a specialist such as those at Bubble Creative Solutions.

Social Media has a major role to play in marketing your business in the current market and should not be overlooked. It is an integral tool for keeping in touch with customers and being aware of their requirements and expectations.

“There is no question that Social Media has become an indispensable tool for businesses in the past 5 years. Not only does it increase market visibility and consequently sales, but also significantly enhances the customer experience and establishes a genuine relationship between the two parties. 

Through Social Media, each individual has a voice; and ignoring this essential tool is the online equivalent of shutting your eyes and sticking your fingers in your ears,” says Alex Auld, Social Media Manager at MuscleGenes Ltd, one of Bicester Innovation’s fastest growing customers.

The basics of marketing your business can be broken down by setting yourself targets to work towards and creating a solid marketing plan, not everything can be done at once and you must know what you are trying to achieve every step of the way.
Trevor Ray, Business Development Specialist at The Last Hurdle speaks of marketing as both a science and an art in his blog